Does Your North Georgia Home Require a Straight or Curved Stair Lift?

Are you or a loved one challenged by steps or a steep sidewalk nowadays, due to an illness or accident?  Read on as we present a few facts that explain the difference between a straight stair lift and a curved stair lift that may make a difference in your Atlanta area home.

Are you shopping for a straight stair lift, or for a curved stair lift? If your stair has a landing in the middle, you will need a curved stair lift. Straight stair lifts require the stair lift passenger to get in and out of the stair lift that runs straight from one floor to the next. Straight stair lifts can typically be installed in half a day. Curved stair lift require the stair lift user to get in and out of the stair lift chair.

Atlanta Stair Lift Pricing

Sterling 950 Straight Stair Lift explains it as follows, “As the name implies, a straight rail stair lift provides transport of a straight run of stairs. If a staircase has any turns, even those at 90 degrees, a curved rail lift must be used. Straight rail stair lifts are also available in a rugged weather-proof outdoor model. A curved rail stair lift provides transport across a curved or turned staircase. Each curved rail stair lift is customized to the needs of the patient’s home.”

Curved, switchback or split level stairs, with landings and curved sections, require custom curved stair lifts. Precise measuring and factory precision guarantee that the curved stair lift fits perfectly into the home stairway.

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